Friday, July 30, 2010


Rockford to East.....

Rockford to Streetsboro, OH....433 miles. We traveled rough roads, and long to get here. Our cats...Jackie (left) and Pearl (right) love our couch back....(They hide during drive hours, under our couch!)
The neatest KOA we have seen in some time in Streetsboro...This is the entrance drive. They have lots of lakes, a country store, and home made FUDGE....YUM!
Here is Roadhouse with Side Road Suzie tucked behind, and our chairs, table, etc. all ready... plus a neat fire package ready for an evening fire!....
& Here is our delicious Salmon cooked to perfection to accompany veggies, fresh tomato slices, bing cherries, blackberries, and peaches. YUM.... Oh and a bottle of Tennessee Chardonnay from Beachhaven Winery. Lovely evening with temps down so low we have windows open and fans on....DELICIOUS!
What a relaxed evening. Now late and I need to go to bed....tomorrow...Pymatuning...the lake where the ducks walk on the fishes back! Pics will prove it!



Monday, July 26, 2010



In Rockford, with Daughter, four grands, son-in-law and added grandson from FL who flew in to travel with the old folks for a few days. Sunday we went to a party at son-in-law's family place with a lake. Grandma can still hook a worm...much to the chagrin of grandson Scott.
We traveled a few miles to Severson Dells, a preserve for game and vegetation. Here is family group shot....Grands, Grandma and Daughter Nancy.
Campground fell victim to flooding from 11 inches of rain in area in 48 hours. Luckily we were on higher ground 15-18 feet above water.We're here til Friday morning and then off to NE for a month.

Lovely weather now that rain is past. 65 degrees tonight. Coach windows are open to enjoy fresh air. Suffer Tampanians!



Friday, July 23, 2010


Probably BORING Everyone, but It IS Getting Better!

Trip is underway, and 1st part, as planned, is family. Now in Rockford, and I am slowly getting better. Meanwhile family is having a ball!

Today Duchess & family at a local water park. I am still working on my cold/virus, whatever!

We are here til next Fri. AM and then off to the NE for three weeks of explore and LOBSTER.....

Pics will be coming kiddies...just allow me some recovery time!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Voyage of The Misfit Travelers?

Lordy, Lordy......what a trip (to date!)

Let's see....I got the bad cold day before we left. We found 1st night out (Forsyth, GA) that we had forgotten three items important to the trip. I got worse....coughed all night. No energy, and really hard to drive all day.

2nd night out (Clarksville, TN) we visited Beachhaven Winery and bought. I had another bad night.

3rd night (Terre Haute, IN - for 2 nights) visit with friends locally. Did not occur for dinner as my cold is bad for our friend who has breathing problems. Duchess went with them to lunch and then visited their home for a couple hours. I stayed at coach and replaced remaining storage compartment hooks (holds the door open). They had all aged in FL sunshine and were crumbling.

Now Tue am and off to Rockford to meet Grandson Scott from Tampa who flies in today to meet us at home of daughter Nancy, son-in-law Jeff, and four grandkids.

Hope to feel better.

Oh yes, yesterday it stormed and flooded the campground. 30 foot limb fell off tree and landed beside Roadhouse. Have to disconnect this morning wading in flooded area......Love diconnecting 220 volt standing in water......LOL



Thursday, July 15, 2010



8:30am we roll. Out of Tampa and North.....Forsyth, GA 1st night.....Clarksville, TN and fave winery "Beach Haven".... Then into Terre Haute, IN, for two nights to see old friends.

I'll begin posting stories and pics tomorrow night.

Later folks



Sunday, July 11, 2010



Well, soon....this Friday......We have lost two months to health issues, and are now going to begin our 2010 Summer sojourn!

We leave Friday for Indiana and friends in Brazil, IN.....We'll stay at Terre Haute KOA.....Then off to Rockford, IL for a week with kids/grands........

Then East for NY Finger Lakes....... and wineries.....then off to New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine! Back in Tampa 1st week of Sept for a week......then back to Blue Ridge!

Home in October for 2 weeks at time share and then off again....who knows where!

Love it!

RE-TIRE-MENT!!!!! Gotta Love It!