Monday, July 26, 2010



In Rockford, with Daughter, four grands, son-in-law and added grandson from FL who flew in to travel with the old folks for a few days. Sunday we went to a party at son-in-law's family place with a lake. Grandma can still hook a worm...much to the chagrin of grandson Scott.
We traveled a few miles to Severson Dells, a preserve for game and vegetation. Here is family group shot....Grands, Grandma and Daughter Nancy.
Campground fell victim to flooding from 11 inches of rain in area in 48 hours. Luckily we were on higher ground 15-18 feet above water.We're here til Friday morning and then off to NE for a month.

Lovely weather now that rain is past. 65 degrees tonight. Coach windows are open to enjoy fresh air. Suffer Tampanians!


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