Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Voyage of The Misfit Travelers?

Lordy, Lordy......what a trip (to date!)

Let's see....I got the bad cold day before we left. We found 1st night out (Forsyth, GA) that we had forgotten three items important to the trip. I got worse....coughed all night. No energy, and really hard to drive all day.

2nd night out (Clarksville, TN) we visited Beachhaven Winery and bought. I had another bad night.

3rd night (Terre Haute, IN - for 2 nights) visit with friends locally. Did not occur for dinner as my cold is bad for our friend who has breathing problems. Duchess went with them to lunch and then visited their home for a couple hours. I stayed at coach and replaced remaining storage compartment hooks (holds the door open). They had all aged in FL sunshine and were crumbling.

Now Tue am and off to Rockford to meet Grandson Scott from Tampa who flies in today to meet us at home of daughter Nancy, son-in-law Jeff, and four grandkids.

Hope to feel better.

Oh yes, yesterday it stormed and flooded the campground. 30 foot limb fell off tree and landed beside Roadhouse. Have to disconnect this morning wading in flooded area......Love diconnecting 220 volt standing in water......LOL


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