Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Rafter J Bar Resort....Unique

5:30am In the mountains of South Dakota near Hill City, SD. It is already BRIGHT daylight!!! Good thing the "Roadhouse" has double slide down curtains in the bedroom, plus a pull-over blind for the vent!
The Rafter J Bar Resort is where Duchess and I landed "Roadhouse" for our visit to the Rushmore/Crazy Horse/Custer area of South Dakota.

The place is 5,000 feet high......altitude, dummies!

It is a beautiful site with varied camping area from the "Base Camp" where we parked to other camps in the woods, along a curved hill trail, and much more. It is a place where you could spend a week or two and not get bored. (Especially when one can visit The Bumpin Buffalo!.)

You can take a look at the Rafter J website CLICK HERE!
In our brief stay we were blessed with a Bluebird and his mate who often visited beside the "Roadhouse"....
The same day as the EARLY morning light call, we had a late-afternoon storm blow in across the mountains and literally rock the Damon Challenger, a 22,000 lb behemoth. It was a short, strong storm, and then a clear, lovely twilight. Peaceful, and insuring our desire to be here again in the future.
A great campground....try it sometime!


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