Thursday, July 17, 2008


Troubles....But Delays, Not Serious Problems!

So much for a nice picture montage with stories of our day-by-day travels. I have been unable to find a USB cable for my Kodak camera.

Seems Kodak has changed their connector and the new one does not fit my camera. Things were not helped by a lack of stores, except two Radio Shack stores in the area where we're staying.

Trip itself is grand, etc.

I'll be posting stories and pics soon as I arrive back home (where my cable is located) on Sunday night or Monday morning.

More later.



Thursday, July 10, 2008


Would Ja Believe???????

I still have no cable. This morning, opening our eyes after a picture-perfect evening and some needed sleep after the 488 mile Wednesday, we had a fine breakfast, did some walking about the Fancy Gap KOA & then began to load up. For us that involves hitting the button to retract our slide (kitchen and living room), disconnecting water and electric (usually do not connect sewer unless staying more than a night, or after three days when tanks are filling up), and then lowering the leveling jacks. All went well.

Then I jumped inside and found we had no 12 volt house system. Lights, refer, etc. were dark. We have three systems....."Shore" power when we are plugged in at a camp site; our generator, used for mostly the AC; and, down-the-road power from a deep-cycle battery system which keeps things humming without the generator or shore power. Today it was a no go.

A quick look showed no fuses blown in the three fuse boxes on board.

Generator quickly brought back power (it was a cool morning so all we were doing is trying to keep the refrigerator going! has already dropped its gas option leaving 12 volt and 110v....that will all be addressed in our next visit to Lazydays RV using our warranty!)

Tomorrow morning a local repair guy is due in to get the problem with the 12 volt fixed. it is almost assuredly a major fuse close by the deep-cycle battery system.

Thus we spent the day finding local places to get this repaired, but they all failed us.

Now, following two Coronas w/lime and salt, and a dip in the cold pool at our current location, Natural Bridge, VA KOA, I am refreshed and relaxed.

BUT...No cable for my camera!

Oh well, there is tomorrow after the repairman leaves. Then we are doing the N. 100 or so miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway in "Sideroad Suzie", our "Toad"....a little tag along vehicle.

By tomorrow night I'll have lots of pics and stories to tell.

Stay Tuned folks!




You'll have to take my word for it this morning. I cannot load pictures until I find a Radio Shack!

Some dummy, who shall remain nameless, left his camera USB cable at home.

I am writing from The Fancy Gap KOA high up in the Blue Ridge. The place is located just 8 miles into Virginia from North Carolina.

Yesterday we made the trip from Jacksonville, FL (where we had an excellent evening of good steaks and fine wine with Son Little Duke). The distance covered was 488 miles.

This KOA...about which you'll hear a lot more this weekend when we return for three just simply beautiful. Loaced on hillsides high in the mountains, the place is alive with trees, bushes, plants and sites that range from open to completely surrounded by foliage. They have WiFi, and my Sprint card also works...though slowly. They also have a nice pool.

Today we'll get to Natural Bridge KOA just South of Lexington, VA. Friday we're on to the North end of the Blue Ridge Parkway to begin our trip from N to S ending next week South of Asheville.

More later, and some great pictures!



Friday, July 04, 2008



We are underway with our preparations for the Blue Ridge where it is currently 10 degrees cooler days and 15 degrees cooler at night than here in Tampa.

Picked up coach from storage and had two surprises. Filled it (3/4 tank) for $184.....I was anticipating more cost. Our local fuels, if you shop prudently are still $3.93 per gallon. The old 7.4 liter Vortec V-8 (Chevy 454 for you older folks) still uses regular 87 octane.

2nd surprise when I landed in the driveway for our loading/preparation process. The leveler system is out. I am suspecting it is a fuse. I'll get to it tomorrow morning when the temps are cooler and we are home. Today is family-celebrates-4th day and we're headed to a family swimming/eating/drinking/swimming/eating......well, you get the idea.

More as we prepare. Our trip will include stops at Fancy Gap ( night and then later two more); Lexington, VA; Asheville, NC (three nights for trips on Parkway and visit to Biltmore); then to Hiawasee, GA for two nights and the Georgia Mountain Fair. Back home by the 20th!

We depart Tuesday morning for Jacksonville and our 1st night at Flamingo Lakes Resort, one of our favorites and dinner with Son Little Duke & hopefully family.