Friday, July 04, 2008



We are underway with our preparations for the Blue Ridge where it is currently 10 degrees cooler days and 15 degrees cooler at night than here in Tampa.

Picked up coach from storage and had two surprises. Filled it (3/4 tank) for $184.....I was anticipating more cost. Our local fuels, if you shop prudently are still $3.93 per gallon. The old 7.4 liter Vortec V-8 (Chevy 454 for you older folks) still uses regular 87 octane.

2nd surprise when I landed in the driveway for our loading/preparation process. The leveler system is out. I am suspecting it is a fuse. I'll get to it tomorrow morning when the temps are cooler and we are home. Today is family-celebrates-4th day and we're headed to a family swimming/eating/drinking/swimming/eating......well, you get the idea.

More as we prepare. Our trip will include stops at Fancy Gap ( night and then later two more); Lexington, VA; Asheville, NC (three nights for trips on Parkway and visit to Biltmore); then to Hiawasee, GA for two nights and the Georgia Mountain Fair. Back home by the 20th!

We depart Tuesday morning for Jacksonville and our 1st night at Flamingo Lakes Resort, one of our favorites and dinner with Son Little Duke & hopefully family.


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