Thursday, July 10, 2008



You'll have to take my word for it this morning. I cannot load pictures until I find a Radio Shack!

Some dummy, who shall remain nameless, left his camera USB cable at home.

I am writing from The Fancy Gap KOA high up in the Blue Ridge. The place is located just 8 miles into Virginia from North Carolina.

Yesterday we made the trip from Jacksonville, FL (where we had an excellent evening of good steaks and fine wine with Son Little Duke). The distance covered was 488 miles.

This KOA...about which you'll hear a lot more this weekend when we return for three just simply beautiful. Loaced on hillsides high in the mountains, the place is alive with trees, bushes, plants and sites that range from open to completely surrounded by foliage. They have WiFi, and my Sprint card also works...though slowly. They also have a nice pool.

Today we'll get to Natural Bridge KOA just South of Lexington, VA. Friday we're on to the North end of the Blue Ridge Parkway to begin our trip from N to S ending next week South of Asheville.

More later, and some great pictures!


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