Tuesday, June 20, 2006


From Our Cabin to Yours!

Home again is right.....

Took a day or so to recover. Coach at LazyDays as a persistent 120v problem needs to be fixed. I am back at work and decided to send a pic I made of the business compartment of The Roadhouse....one taken while at rest.

More trip pics this afternoon.



Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Home Again, Hurricane, WOW!

Well, we returned home yesterday afternoon, racing down from Perry, GA to Tampa along I-75.

We were trying to skirt the Alberto mess. I'll be posting more pics soon, but for now a few comments and notes on the return.....

Run off the road (rt. wheels only) on I-75 in GA construction zone as UPS truck was pushed into our lane by wind.....Managed to stabilize the RV & toad, and got back on the road. Coach and toad both drenched in rocks and mud.

After lunch found no acceleration and no downshift in the coach.....quick stop at a rest area located the problem under the motor cover....a rock lodged from the off-road incident in the accelerator system. Removed and motored on.

Wind from Gainesville to just North of Tampa was really a problem....dead sideways to my 33 foot long, 12 foot high coach. Today I am still tired, and have quite sore arms from the wrestling match with the RV.

More later as I reflect on the trip and thoughts about the 1st motorhome trip of any length for us.

By-the-way; Gas was not expensive as the media would have you believe. Paid as low as $2.51 and a high of $2.83....Not the screaming prices earlier touted by the media.



Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Rockford Visit

We're in Rockford, IL., visiting daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids.

The pic is the entire assemblage, including the Duchess in the back row, and one "extra" kid in white, a friend of granddaughter Jacalyn at left.

The green topiary hedge is a dinosaur....the Milwaukee Zoo, for those who care, has a huge dino area which opened this year.

This is one of those get involved type dino displays including one to sit upon, and one tbat will spit on you as you walk by. Go see the Milwaukee Zoo....the shows are great, and during the week the crowds are small.

One gripe.......$8 just to park????? You got to be kidding.



Saturday, June 03, 2006


Trip Underway - Thrills Abound!

Well, after months of waiting we are underway. In fact we are in Rockford, IL....1280 miles from Tampa.

The picutre is of a small side road near the Kentucky/Tennessee border just off I-24 at a park called Mineral Mound. We drove in there for lunch....had a great salad while overlooking a small lake by their golf course. The drive in was a bit hilly and narrow for the "Roadhouse", but well worth the effort.

Now we are in Rockford, IL at Blackhawk Valley Campground in a beautiful place along the Kishwaukee River.Nice quiet crowd, and will be a lot fewer as we get into the week and the weekend warriors head home.

More and pictures later today. We are with 3 grandkids and daughter and son-in-law visiting and celebrating two birthdays and just being together.



Friday, June 02, 2006


The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful!

I am at the dinette table typing as I watch morning TV news for the local Central Illinois area. We are up early.....6AM local time.....still adjusting to the Central Time Zone.

Picture 1 is of the view out our window 1st morning on the road... We were in Smyrna, TN...just S. of Nashville at Nashville I-24 Campground. Blacktop renewal caused the blocked off sites and yellow tape. Nice pool area, and YES, those are my home-grown tomatoes of three varieties..."Ugly" (the large wrinkled ones) Roma (oblong) and under the rest are cherry tomatoes.