Saturday, June 03, 2006


Trip Underway - Thrills Abound!

Well, after months of waiting we are underway. In fact we are in Rockford, IL....1280 miles from Tampa.

The picutre is of a small side road near the Kentucky/Tennessee border just off I-24 at a park called Mineral Mound. We drove in there for lunch....had a great salad while overlooking a small lake by their golf course. The drive in was a bit hilly and narrow for the "Roadhouse", but well worth the effort.

Now we are in Rockford, IL at Blackhawk Valley Campground in a beautiful place along the Kishwaukee River.Nice quiet crowd, and will be a lot fewer as we get into the week and the weekend warriors head home.

More and pictures later today. We are with 3 grandkids and daughter and son-in-law visiting and celebrating two birthdays and just being together.


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