Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Home Again, Hurricane, WOW!

Well, we returned home yesterday afternoon, racing down from Perry, GA to Tampa along I-75.

We were trying to skirt the Alberto mess. I'll be posting more pics soon, but for now a few comments and notes on the return.....

Run off the road (rt. wheels only) on I-75 in GA construction zone as UPS truck was pushed into our lane by wind.....Managed to stabilize the RV & toad, and got back on the road. Coach and toad both drenched in rocks and mud.

After lunch found no acceleration and no downshift in the coach.....quick stop at a rest area located the problem under the motor cover....a rock lodged from the off-road incident in the accelerator system. Removed and motored on.

Wind from Gainesville to just North of Tampa was really a problem....dead sideways to my 33 foot long, 12 foot high coach. Today I am still tired, and have quite sore arms from the wrestling match with the RV.

More later as I reflect on the trip and thoughts about the 1st motorhome trip of any length for us.

By-the-way; Gas was not expensive as the media would have you believe. Paid as low as $2.51 and a high of $2.83....Not the screaming prices earlier touted by the media.


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