Monday, October 02, 2006


Da Love Bug!

In my earlier post in anticipation of the Silver Springs, FL visit, I accepted as fact....given warning by the locals....a strong Love Bug presence for our trip. Man what an underestimation!

Here is a pic of the front of the Motorhome after an 85 miles trip from Ocala to Tampa this morning!Bugs at Large!

These critters are small black bugs, a bit larger than the typical mosquito (unless you are from Canada in which case they are much smaller than the mosquitos! They are large female/small male combos which unite in a life/death dance. Once connected for mating....rear-to-rear, they are forever conjoined! They swarm in Florida Spring and Fall.....usually mid-May and Mid-September for a couple of weeks. For some reason they are late this year.

It took me two hours to scrub these critters off my windshield and coach-front. Had I not chosen to remove them, they a matter of days... make a permanent hole in your paint!

Nice welcome to Florida!


UPDATE: Yes, I knew one of my astute readers would note I did not follow my own advice from the post below about coating the front of the coach with baby oil to keep the bugs from attaching. I just offered the advice, but then in ignorance felt I could get by without following my own directions!

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