Thursday, September 28, 2006


Back on The Road Again!

Finally, the retirement process is down to a mild problem, and we are looking forward to travel and writing/picturing it here.

I'll address the entire retirement string of actions, etc. in the near future as we are still dealing with that monster.

Tomorrow we depart for Silver Springs, Florida for a short respite.

This morning is coach washdown, and replacement of the "truck" battery. Most coaches, as with ours, have a series of three or more batteries. Ours consists of a single under-hood battery for the drive train, and a pair of series-linked 6 volt, three cell heavy duty batteries to provide the required "juice" (read amperage) necessary for the coach...including all lighting, generator, pumps, fans, etc.

The good news this morning was that my six volters are healthy and still in good shape. The truck battery had a dead cell.

Now to preparation for the trip. Grocery shopping this afternoon, stocking the wine cabinet and bringing onboard clothes, etc. Have to load the cat-related, food, water tray, etc. We keep road atlas onboard, and now must load laptop (which has to be reprogrammed this afternoon after an IS boo-boo in setting it up for connection to my contract employer).

TIP: We're apparently headed into the peak time for a Florida wonder for Spring and Fall... Love Bugs! These small black pesky bugs come out for about 1-2 weeks in both seasons and swarm by the millions. They will blanket a car/RV, etc. with a black mess that, if not removed in a few days, will eat your paint! New trick being used by RVers down here is Johnson's baby oil spread on front or leading edges of the coach. This catches the bugs, but they don't dry to the body. Then on arrival at your stop a quick application of soap and water will remove oil and bugs....

Off to see Silver Springs and the famous glass-bottom boats, plus at least two other boat tours in the park. Staying across the road at an RV park on which we'll report later.

Good to be back on line and ready to ship out!


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