Sunday, May 14, 2006


Meow & How!

A bit of an aside from RVing, but on point for most we have met on the our brief time RVing.

We have two cats (actually they own us and will be glad to tell you so). One is half manx and half siamese (Bandit). The other is mostly siamese (CJ).

When we began our travels in "Roadhouse" we knew we'd have to face the idea of cats aboard. Our 1st trip with them was from Tampa to Jacksonville and you can read about it here. The boys meowed ALL the way from Tampa to Jacksonville. They seemed quite unhappy whenever I stepped on the gas pedal and the engine roared to life.

On the return trip they were much more quiet.

Last weekend at Holiday Cove in Cortez, FL they went with us, and were much more at home.

CJ has decided to sleep through the trips....he crawls under our bucket chair behind the passenger seat and sleeps. Bandit roams about a bit but seems to like sleeping under the table in his small basket. He fills it and over flows as he is part Manx and quite large.

They seem to take to the trips OK at this point. We'll find out more in our 1st big trip North in June. We are heading for Rockford, IL to see daughter, son-in-law and three grands.....then back to central Illinois and my home town of Pekin for my 45th (yep 45th!) class reunion.

That will be their real test for traveling...and ours!


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