Sunday, March 19, 2006


Jacksonville, FL - Trip of 1sts

One place to find when camping near Jacksonville, Florida.....Flamingo Lake RV Resort!

Lovely place........but, more on that after my tale of 1sts!

1st trip pulling "Sideroad Suzi" our little Suzuki Jeep behind the "Roadhouse".

1st trip with our two cats I named "last cat" and "next-to-last cat".....actually named Bandit and CJ.

The pictures here are: 1. Our coach and "toad" Suzi and my lovely Duchess Sandra....2. The fine beach, and cabana area of the resort.... and, 3. Some of the lakeside paved parking spaces with full utilities (water, sewer, electric, cable & phone).

If you are going to Flamingo Lake...MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY! They are busy and often booked full! Their website is: HERE!!!

We are already booked there, and hopeful of a lakeside site for November of this year while in Jax for several days for son Paul, III's wedding to his lovely Lisa!

All in all a fun weekend which proved the roadworthiness of our equipment & cats while also locating us a campground where I am sure we will often stay!

Duke DeLand

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