Thursday, May 10, 2012


St. James Winery

St. James Winery, St. James, MO......found this place last year and stopped to replenish our supply this year. Some good wines....

Good thing you have an RV! You can load in there a year’s supply of wine. Nice! :) Can you imagine the inconvenience if you brought a small car? You would’ve spent double the effort, the gas, and other things. How’s the supply anyway? I hope it really lasts a year. You know how irresistible wines are. ;P

Tia ^.^
Well, isn’t it great that today, trailers are also used for other purposes, and not just for traveling? Before, it was usually used for leisure activities such as camping and going on a vacation. But nowadays, these vehicles are even used as mobile homes for actual families. :)

Rosalinda Rudloff
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