Thursday, April 05, 2012



OK....this is a picture of our original Roadhouse with our first "Road Trip" taken in November 2005.....that is 7 years ago.....guess I was wrong about how long we had Roadhouse!

Some will recognize a few of these folks......but most-striking.....Lesley as a BLONDE!!!!

Time moves on!

By the way, for those wishing to have names: (L to R) Bill Edwards, Jackie Appel, Bob Green (kneeling), Lesley Nikkinen, Jan Schneider, Rick Schneider, Sandra Vans Evers, Paul DeLand

Our trip was down I-275, then I-75 all the way to Naples Elks for lunch....then back to Punta Gorda Elks for dinner, then home. Great time.....


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