Sunday, April 29, 2012


April 27-28-29 - Days 4 thru 6 Dickinson, TX

In Dickinson, and busy with family. Thus I'll combine these days and post a pic or two.....My usual mode is daily pics and stories....however family things do not offer as much for most of my readers....

Roadhouse has a leak......However the leak only occurs when i park nose down and left side down. Water from air conditioner ran down side of coach and under slide. Used fan to dry carpet and all is well..

Coach very comfortable...temps here are in the low 80s, but humidity makes me feel like I am back in Florida. It is obvious we left home at right time......from here we go North to Illinois and more family, with a brief stop in Indiana to see friends who stood up with us 17 years ago when we were married.

This will take us through mid-May, and we'll strike out East to begin the vacation part of our vacation!

A couple pics later today!


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