Thursday, April 26, 2012


April 25, Day 2 of trip.

Day two....Quincy, FL to Hammond, LA. Day of driving, not unpleasant. The facts are, I found a real YIKES type situation....and then reflected upon why I didn't get a TICKET for speeding! I was cruising West on I-10. Speedo said 70, the posted speed limit. Passed several radars. Passed several cops with people stopped. Roll on. It occurred to me I was passing almost everything. Turned to the speed setting on my GPS and SURPRISE!!! When my speedometer said 70 my GPS said I was doing 76 mph! Finished the day driving about 65 or 67 on my speedo which was about 72-73, which i feel I can usually get away with. 2nd night was much quieter, and I slept well. Already settling into my usual on-the-road time schedule. I wear out sooner and go to bed earlier, then awaken earlier in the morning than at home. Tomorrow, on to Dickinson, TX.
Pic is my back camera with our Jeep Wrangler Brutus towed behind....the usual view. Duke

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