Thursday, April 28, 2011


New Exterior For Coach?????

Tomorrow morning I drive by a place to consider re-paint of coach's graphics which are pulling off coach. They are vinyl and old. Looking at paint as an option.

Also tomorrow I get my new sewer system installed at Lazydays RV.....A chews up the black water stuff and expels it thru a 1" hose instead of the usual 3" hose. That means, basically, I empty without handling pipes, supports, etc. Mainly a quick, easy method of dealing with a highly distasteful job...and doing it much faster.

RVing is all about being organized and staying on top of your coach/RV, etc.

Just like a boat.......Only this "hole-in-the-water" is on land!



Monday Morning Coming Down!....Home to Tampa from JAX!

Great weekend. Several things learned....."Brutus", my Wrangler Unlimited, tows nicely. No problems what-so-ever. However, that said, mileage seems to have dropped by less than 1 mpg.....At 8mpg that is significant! That may be caused by the fact heat forced us to run gen-set and AC the entire trip.

Coming thru Orlando we ran into a major storm with flooding on I-4 & clouds that looked suspiciously like tornado-forming areas. None showed up, but the tension level was high!

Filled up in Space Coast area for $3.73 & felt good about it. $170 for less than 3/4ths tank! YIKES......oh well, we've warned kids we plan to slide into death sideways, burned out, out of gas and out of money! Live hard and fast. Spend it before your kids get it!!!!!!



Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jacksonville....Road Trip/Test Run!

1st Trip with "Brutus" as the toad behind "Roadhouse".....Off to JAX. It was perfect. Tire rotation/balancing has reduced all vibration and it was a great trip.

Flamingo Lake RV Resort, just off I-295 & Lem Turner Blvd. in Jacksonville, Is a lovely place w/lake, pool, store, on-water open-air restaurant....This is our waterside site.

Great is now Sun. morning. Our Easter dinner will be brats & potato salad and cole slaw......YUM!!!! I'll post a pic of nicely browned brats soon!


OOPS! Forgot to take pics of brats......we were too busy snarfing them down!!!!! Lovely lakeside afternoon dinner......Outside....waterside....birds chirping, brats delicious, same for other food stuffs.....LIFE IS GOOD!


Tuesday, April 05, 2011


NE to N to SW to W to far

Rough approximation of our planned trip beginning Memorial Day.

Still lots to do before leaving, including a test outing pulling "Brutus" behind "Roadhouse" for the 1st time. Eager to see how that goes.

Before that, some tire rotation and accounting for a couple of wheels with minor bent spots. No need to rumble down the highway on a long trip.

Also abandoning our Schwinn electric scooters in favor of foldable bicycles. Easy to store and no need to charge/recharge, and a number of campgrounds do not allow gas or electric scooters.