Sunday, April 24, 2011


Jacksonville....Road Trip/Test Run!

1st Trip with "Brutus" as the toad behind "Roadhouse".....Off to JAX. It was perfect. Tire rotation/balancing has reduced all vibration and it was a great trip.

Flamingo Lake RV Resort, just off I-295 & Lem Turner Blvd. in Jacksonville, Is a lovely place w/lake, pool, store, on-water open-air restaurant....This is our waterside site.

Great is now Sun. morning. Our Easter dinner will be brats & potato salad and cole slaw......YUM!!!! I'll post a pic of nicely browned brats soon!


OOPS! Forgot to take pics of brats......we were too busy snarfing them down!!!!! Lovely lakeside afternoon dinner......Outside....waterside....birds chirping, brats delicious, same for other food stuffs.....LIFE IS GOOD!

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