Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sadness Saps Us In Colorado! We Lost Our Jackie!

Today we lost a cat....Our Jackie. She managed to escape the coach alongside the Colorado River....We searched, and had help. The campground is still watching, but no sighting of her. The pic is Jackie at right and Pearl, our younger cat at left.
Jackie is a truly special cat.....She "adopted" Sandra at a pet store where Sandra saw several cats. We took her home and she was always very, very needy. Attention she demanded...and if Pearl got attention, Jackie was there to get her share as well.

She loved any form of food....and got a bit chubby as she ate more and more.

When we sat at the dinette in the coach she would come up and grab your arm with her paw as if to say, "here, I am here!" She climbed on the bed in the coach at night with what I called "klumpen-kloggin" feet which felt like she weighed 40 pounds. When she jumped down from the bed or anywhere there was a distinct "thud"....

Her voice was soft, but insistent. When she saw a bird outside she mewed and wanted at it. She would stare at you and ask for attention with a mew.

We miss our Jackie.....very much!


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