Wednesday, July 06, 2011


No Pics, But Problems.......Temporary though they might be!

We left the Grand Canyon......Duchess & I in our motor home, pulling "Brutus" the Jeep Wrangler; Bob & Lissi Little, our son-in-law's folks in their 45 foot 5th wheel pulled by a monster truck....we were headed for Las Vegas, Baby! Behind us were Daughter Teri, son-in-law Lance and two grands in their truck and trailer combo.

As we approached I-40 we would split as the kids were heading back East toward home in Dickinson, TX.

They phoned and said, "Let's do lunch at the Denny's at I-40".....Yeppers, we said OK! BIG MISTAKE. 1st, we drove all the way thru a small town trying to find the Denny's. Then as we got back close to I-40 we found our caravan on a small road leading to a golf course....Suddenly I came to a stop sign (I was leading).....Around the corner was a LOW viaduct which I knew neither my motor home nor the Little's 5th wheel could clear. We were at a corner with a gravel road, and nothing else.

What followed was a comedy (at least we will believe so after a few months). Duchess and I had to unhook Brutus so we could back up and turn around. The Little's had to await our departure before backing their 5th wheeler into the gravel and turning around. Our kids/grands did same after we all left.

No lunch; but a few hugs and waves as we split and headed to our separate destinations.

Life on the road......ya gotta love it!


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