Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Grand Canyon......Pictures

Great shots of the Grand Canyon.....(editor's note....I did a bit of clarity work ont he pics as the canyon in Summer is actually quite hazy-looking.) This is a view across the 10 mile chasm of the canyon.
This is a compound picture I created. Left arrow points to a small green area on what is actually Angel Creek and Canyon. The green represents "Phantom Ranch" an overnight spot for hikers and mule riders. The green items are 100 ft. tall cottonwood trees! The right arrow is a small view of the Colorado River as it winds through the canyon. The insert is of the river section as I zoomed in...including the suspension bridge you might otherwise not see.
This 3rd pic is the small pic superimposed on the last picture, shown at normal size. I hope these give you some perspective of the actual gigantic size of the Grand Canyon.
We loved looking at the canyon, and I have many, many more pics...but will let these suffice, along with postings on the Elk we saw, and other pics from the GC area.


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