Saturday, June 25, 2011


Traveling...Junction, TX to Brantley Lake State Park, NM

I-10 from Junction, TX West to Rt. 285 N. to NM....The Hill Country gives way to larger hills, open areas, and little traffic/to see/etc. Here, however, is a sign you'll not see in Florida/Illinois, or most other states. NO, I did not. I am in a motor home pulling a 4,600 lb. Wrangler!
Here is a typical shot of our 1st 200 miles until our turn. REALLLLLY Exciting, huh folks?
Then we turned North on Rt. 285....following it through a section of nearly-abandoned Texas North to New Mexico and Carlsbad. It Got H-O-T & our AC Generator quit again. Dash Air to cool a 33 foot motor home? NOT! It was a trying final 2.5 hours!
We are working on a plan to fix the generator. More in newer posts.


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