Monday, June 13, 2011



O.K., Son Paul, III came to Jax campground for a cookout about a month ago. He took one look at me trying to clean my "Baby-Q" Weber grill and commented on how I could "afford" a new brush....I had to respond with my usual flair and tell him I was having the brush "refurbished"....
On our return to Jax 10 days ago he came to visit and presented me with a nice bag & components to "refurbish" my brush....It contained wire, tweezers and a small knife. PLUS INSTRUCTIONS!
Here is the accompanying instruction sheet!
This is, of course, the actual new brush he brought to the campground for me. Thanks Son! Guess I'll keep the refurbishing kit for next time!
See, I am not afraid to post a story making fun of myself.


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