Monday, June 06, 2011


CRASH!....Or, why I do not park on shoulder of Interstate!

Located 35 mi. from Rockford, IL we came upon this accident. Semi rear-ended parked RV with trailer on back. Drove them off highway into ditch. Lots of ambulances, stretchers, etc. Never got close enough to see much. RV & semi are at right of picture.
Truck also ended up in ditch, and cab and rt. front damage was considerable.
If you have to stop GET OFF THE INTERSTATE.....not alongside it.


This is a completely devastating event, and I would like to inform you that the man driving the rv had no choice but to pull off the side of the road because his fuel pump went out while driving. He was also under neath the motor home trying to fix the problem when the semi hit them, resulting in 1 fatality so far. May he rest in peace!
The man that passed away in this accident was my friend and he had no choice to get off the interstate.

Think before you blog such thoughtless comments...
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