Thursday, June 02, 2011


1st day.....May Day, May June No Less!!!!

This day was pretty much either a fiasco or a warm up to a good trip.....The results are not in!!!1st off, the coach was hot by the time we did the 1st-ever hook up of our brake assist system, so on the road we added the dash air to the generator/central air operation. EXCEPT: The dash air blew HOT air! O.K., add that to the list of things to do in Rockford, our next serious stop.

Then, in downtown Atlanta...amid the 5pm traffic snarl, moving at 3 mph and with NO POSSIBLE way to stop...the MAIN A/C stopped...

The coach quickly went from comfortable to 90s and rising. We drove for 90 minutes to the campground in Carterville....there, flipping a switch the A/C again fired OK!

Check in....nice shaded site. Parked, leveled the coach, and then plugged into "shore power" A/C. I flipped switches on the one-unit/two-unit setup and soon the A/C was humming again. Now we wonder what's next.....will the A/C there a problem???? We are headed to SW USA where it is going to H-O-T!!! Las Vegas in July will be 110-117 from people who have been there.

Much to do in Illinois!
This is our location currently with me writing from inside the double windows by the dinette. Brutus hooked to Roadhouse....this is a simple sleep over unless the A/C fails again.

Ah the road life!


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