Saturday, June 25, 2011


109 Degrees....AC Out....Whee!

We drove the last hours of our trip to Brantley Lake State Park w/o AC as the generator once again died. Dash air worked, but have you ever tried to cool a 33 ft. motor home with dash air?...We got there and plugged in and 9 hours later it is cool! Here are our next door neighbors, Daughter Teri, Son-in-law Lance and grands new camper and monster truck.
Here are Roadhouse and Brutus seemingly in conversation on our desert campsite. The temps have dropped near 70 now, but back to 106 tomorrow.
Despite the heat as the sun moved lower in the West, beside our motor home we spotted these two bunnies. Soon there were four cavorting about....Neat stuff.
Tomorrow, Carlsbad Caverns. Kids headed to tour. We are exploring handicapped tour as Duchess cannot walk the caverns. We'll enjoy and hopefully be cool....

Nite all.....

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