Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wednesday.....Preparations continue

Set up local UPS postal service to accept and forward mail during our trip. Yesterday we did final adjusting on our foldable bicycles....then took a short ride. MAN...were we shaky riders. It has been years since we rode. The bikes are also smaller, 20 in wheels, and thus shorter wheel base which makes for wobbly ride. Today received my new 9mm....Springfield XD.

Tomorrow get key for friend and neighbor who is by here 3-5 times daily and will stop and check, he'll also be 1st called if alarm sounds.

Received brake assist for the Wrangler from TX.....and reading manual I downloaded for it. Next, a dry run to set it up.

Friday we bring Roadhouse here to turn the refrigerator on and begin loading clothes, tools, bikes, 3 laptops, GPS, maps, camping books, cat food (bags & cans), and hopefully everything we'll need.....we always seem to forget from 1 to 3 items we need.


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