Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sunday Afternoon.....7:30pm......

Most everything is aboard "Roadhouse"......We have bath things we'll use tonight, and a refrigerator full of stuff to load in the our two critters, cats Pearl & Jackie. Then we are ready to roll. Off to Jacksonville for 3 days with son, Paul, III (Lil Duke)....

Today we handed the keys to our Dukedom to a friend who lives just down the street. He and a few more neighbors will watch over our place til we return. Our alarm system is quite extensive and will carry the heavy load. You ain't gonna get in here without sounding lots of alarms. From glass-breakage to motion detection to every door and window, we are pretty well protected. Paranoia? Nope, just good common sense! The outside alarm and flashing strobe will alert neighbors that we have a problem.

Nuff said. Now for the coach and its protection. Duchess packs a mean punch....JUST KIDDING!!! We are OK....Trust me here!!!!!

Time for relax and rest before tomorrow's departure. I only have about 210 miles to drive tomorrow....all the way to Jax, FL and of our faves. Flamingo Lakes Resort. We'll be on-the-water once again, and enjoying the shade of tall trees.

Pics and stories to follow as we begin a 7-10 thousand mile trip!


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