Saturday, May 28, 2011


Saturday Early Morning!

Thoughts on the trip.......this one will be run almost entirely with generator operating for 220 power.....A/C. We will not be in cool weather until N. Illinois on the 6th of June. When we leave there (13th), we'll be driving to S.W. for an extended is already hot there.

Our next cool will be mid-July when we motor across the Rockies and off to Estes Park for a few days in Rocky Mountain Park....there it will be cool.

1st test of the trip will be pulling Brutus up the mountains N. of Chattanooga, TN....followed immediately by 2nd test as we try out seriously our new brake assist in the Wrangler. It is supposed to hold "Brutus" back so he does not push "Roadhouse" down the mountains too fast. This is all just a test for the SW where the mountains are a LOT bigger.


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