Friday, May 06, 2011


Repaint is Underway......

"Roadhouse", our home-away-from-home for the past 5 1/2 years is aging....not badly, just normal Florida heat and sun type stuff. The graphics on her sides are cracking, and rolling up.
The coach is now out for repairs/repaint! Here is a side shot showing the graphics cleaned, and ready for removal. They will be replaced by painted-on graphics which will fade much more slowly, and not peel.
Also, when done (Here is the rear minus some swirls and the "Damon Challenger" logo) the coach will be wrapped in two coats of "Clear Coat"; the same finish "Town House", our Lincoln Town Car enjoys.
We are excited about the outcome, and found this to be less-expensive than upgrading to a newer/larger coach. Roadhouse is comfortable to us, and the idea of spending lots more $ to upgrade does not appeal to our conservative nature! We have much better things to do with our money.....

For those wondering "How do you see out the rear?".....Look at the top of the open area of the rear and you will see a small camera...complete with sound, when I need it. Most of my view of what's happening comes from the sideview mirrors, much like a semi.....regular mirror for most views, and a WIDE view which shows me what is beside me so I do not turn into someone. Rear windows on a 33 ft. coach would be useless!

I'll be posting again next week as we go thru the process of rehab on the dulled paint and decorations.


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