Monday, May 23, 2011


Monday - 6 Days to Go!

Today "Brutus", our Wrangler got new oil, oil filter, air filter, and windshield wipers. Next is wipers for "Roadhouse", the RV....Man is she lovely in her new paint.

Foldable bicycles are assembled and now need adjustment and a few "test rides' in the neighborhood so we do not make fools of ourselves at the 1st campground!

We will bring "Roadhouse" out of storage about Thur/Fri and begin loading.....clothes, tools, equipment, food, cat stuff, maps, road atlases, GPS, computers (3, believe it or not), my hats, and lots more......

Man it is amazing....we can spend weeks preparing, loading, listing things, and EVERY trip we leave something behind.....guess that is human nature!

Excitement builds daily from this point.


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