Friday, May 06, 2011


Misc. Notes.......

A campfire....this one in the Blue Ridge last September....Duchess has our son (Lil Duke)'s favored statue of "Jaggie" (He lives in Jacksonville, and holds Jags season tickets)...We "stole" him for a tour of the was fun. We took pics of him with us everywhere, and then I produced a book for our son of the pics and stories of "Jaggie"'s travels. One may note that, even in Sept. Duchess was in full long-sleeved sweat jacket and long pants...The lovely Blue Ridge gets cold. This campground, I believe is at the Fancy Gap, Virginia KOA...a favorite of ours for its location, and friendly folks.
One of the things that has given me concern as we travel is camp fires! WHY? Well, in most states, and in many campgrounds, they do not allow you to bring in your own wood for campfires....despite having nice big fire pits, etc.

The reason given most times is, "BUGS!" You might transfer an Illinois bug to Wisconsin, etc. I believe I have finally solved this. I found some bagged, short-cut fire logs for my chimera in the back yard. They are "sterilized" of bugs by gas. I will simply not ask, and use them and point to the bag as proof, if questioned.

WHY? Cause the campgrounds charge you multiples of the price of firewood at most places.

No bugs will escape anyway...I BURN THEM! I am sure hitch-hikers do exist...on coach bodies, in bays, etc. But you cannot avoid this when going campground to campground.

We have had fires in lots of places from Maine to Washington.....Sometimes they are banned by drought...such as last Sept. in Natural Bridge, VA.....The rangers were out and enforcing NO-BURN rules. I understand this as it was so dry there driving on camp roads produced a giant dust storm. One spark and the entire grassland on which we camped would have gone up like a blazing match.

Common sense folks. I love campfires. A nice toddy, or a good wine and a campfire and you can almost hear me purrrrrrrrr!


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