Saturday, May 28, 2011


Friday....(written Sat. Morning)

Picked up coach, filled fuel tank with 20 cent lower gas. New wipers (match a semi-truck) @ $93 for a pair! Finished reading Roadmaster Brake Assist manual. Install today (Sat.)....

Living room looks like Fibber McGee's Closet (if you are under 50 you'll not understand that one). Everything from a new tower-type fan to two foldable bicycles, cases of, soda. Dry foods, electronics (do you know how many chargers it takes for two phones, two cameras, three laptops, and assorted other pieces of equipment?...I do....2 power strips...all for two people).

Today the loading begins.....1st clean out storage bays and repack. Add new stuff. Load tools, wine, rolling booze-parlor (bar)...stocked well....all while doing laundry. Tomorrow will be loading for clothes, refrigerator (looking at small refer for underneath storage area to supplement smaller RV refrigerator which is only 17 ft). Then GPS, maps, sunglasses, hats (I take 8 in the coach plus at least three caps which are primarily for wearing in Brutus (Wrangler). Add in books, DVDs (we can watch in main area or on smaller bedroom TV), and writing pads, pens, my computer can see why we never have left home and found everything on board. Usually within a day or two something shows as missing. We hope for minor, easily replaced, items.

It is ALL WORTH IT the minute we hit the highway and our mandatory rendition of "On the road again!" rolls forth.


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