Thursday, September 30, 2010


Blue Ridge - Sept. 2010 - Part 2

Some more of the color (limited) in the Blue Ridge currently.
On I-26 in SC, on the way up, we ran into this 98 minute stop for a semi which rolled off the highway. With a wrecker in place holding the semi, both lanes were blocked. We drove around the wreck in single file on the median. Took a LONG time.
AH Florida......home of Spring & Fall onsloughts of LOVE BUGS! These small black bugs join in a mating ritual for life. Then they commit suicide on the highways. A motor home is a lovely wall for them to die upon!
Yes, that is a Tampa Bay football pillow on the dash. We now find few bugs in the mountains, apparently they have succumbed to the cooling weather.

The rainy weather has prevented me having my beloved campfire. A single pack of firewood has been under Roadhouse for days...waiting. Maybe tonight.


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