Monday, August 09, 2010


West Rutland, VT...Part 2

More pics of the cemetery....Just enlarge them to see details. Some are quite hard to read.
This one is labeled: "?.P.DeLand"....he may have been the 1st "Paul"...
The age of the cemetery is easily noted when one looks at the small, mostly faceless stones left by folks to honor long-forgotten family members. Such a shame that even stone is lost to us in 100 or so years.
I know at least one other family member, Rob DeLand, has also visited this cemetery.

I actually stumbled upon it after talking to a priest and a minister in the area who had no clue where it might be. I was leaving, discouraged...and returning to the main road when I noticed the small cemetery alongside the road. There my bride spotted the 1st DeLand tombstone, and then with help of grandson Scott we located a number more and the obelisk shown in another post below!


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