Sunday, August 29, 2010



Cooking 250 lobsters for folks is a big deal....but one comfortable to Biddeford-Saco Lodge in Maine where it is normal and annual. Duchess and I spent 5 days near here, and became enamored of the Lodge and its people. We met PGER (Past Grand Exalted Ruler for the non-Elks) Amos McCallum....what a neat guy!
We joined in cooking 250 lobsters for 125 people....yeppers, they ate 2 each....including Duchess. I had a steak.
This is what 250 lobsters look like when placed on bags of veggies.....The bags contain: an ear of corn, some "Steamers" (mussels in their shells), an onion, a hot dog, and potato... The lobsters are covered by more seaweed and then the fire lit and they "bake".....The entire meal was delicious. Everything came out just right!

They can buy lobster (1.25 lb. here for about $5 each.....


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