Monday, August 02, 2010


Lake tour....

In New York...Lake Owasko....One of the Eastern Finger Lakes of New York. Our Friends Bud and Mary Jane have a Summer home which is fantastic. We visited. & We went for a ride on their "Cobra" bow-rider boat. Here is friend Bud...Capt. of our venture.
Here is Mary Jane, his lovey wife and hostess who kept us entertained for our entire visit.
Here is grandson Scott on a tube...following our boat. He rode it for a long time, obviously wearing out his physical self. Then he came aboard and Bud got to do the thing all we adventurous folk do...he "opened it up" and we sped across the lake at 50 mph!!!!
Life is good, ours particularly!

Thanks Bud and Mary Jane for a marvelous overnight!


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