Monday, August 09, 2010


Family History.....West Rutland, VT.

My family lived here in West Rutland for decades. This is the section of the cemetery where a number are buried. The cemetery is just off Rt. 4, about 4 miles West of Rutland, VT. The two stones together (Dark one on left is Rufus...light one on right is Lucy, Rufus' 1st wife) are Rufus and Lucy (Alvord?) DeLand. He was my great, great, great grandfather. He lived to age 90.
A side of the obelisk which has the name DeLand on it. This is for a daughter who died.
The obelisk. The thing celebrates Joseph A. DeLand, apparently a son of Rufus...
In all stupidity, I left my records at home which march me thru the family history. I'll flesh this all out later.

The amazing thing is to go to this little cemetery....just off a main road where it is quiet and many are resting eternally. There, in stone, is a part of my family and my history from many years ago.

It somehow is comforting to see the reality of your family history. Reaching back to my roots made me feel quite good.


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