Monday, August 16, 2010


Crawford Notch on Conway RR

The 5 hour trip to Crawford Notch and back was great. We climbed about 1500 feet, often on the side of a mountain. Here is the view of the notch from our dome car as we sat in Crawford Station.
A picture, on the way down, of Frankenstein trestle. The place, and a nearby mountain were named after a local resident of the time 150 years ago.
In the yard by N. Conway station was this assortment of engines and cars...including a snow plow, old engines, a steamer, and old wooden passenger cars. For those not train buffs, the circular pit with a track across is called a roundhouse, and it was used for turning trains to back them off in a new direction. They are very rare today.
Having grown up with a local rail connection behind my house, I am familiar with little steamers....This was a nice trip and a beautiful way to spend a day in the mountains.


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