Sunday, March 28, 2010


Spring is In The Air....Can A Trip Be Far Behind?

Nope. "Roadhouse" is currently at Lazy Days having brakes fixed, and some minor stuff taken care of.....

May 15th the wheels roll as we head out for 2-3-4 months...who knows!

1st off to near Rockford, IL (with a stop on the way in Jacksonville and then Terre Haute, IN to see son and then friends. Rockford is home to daughter, son-in-law and 4 grands....We'll be there a month. Driving "Sideroad Suzie" off on jaunts into Wisconsin, Chicago, etc.

Then off to the NE....Have not seen most of it.....

Planning, making reservations, checking places to see.....

More as we get closer...


I have just added a RV Blog Network to the RVThereYet directory. I am trying to create a bit of community amongst RVers who blog and all their collective readers. RVers can read your blog about a certain RVing subject and then read another blog on the subject. A lot of valuable information can be gleaned when we all get together. All your posts on the network link back to your blog and it's posts, so you should see an increase in traffic when the network really gets going.

If you would like to add your blog please visit and follow the directions.

Kind regards,

Kenny Scott
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