Thursday, July 23, 2009


Rain Pics Details!

On the road again....out of Tampa and on-the-way to the Blue Ridge where the temps are COOL and we can relax.

The road, as always is fun and we simply enjoy our time in Roadhouse.

There is a relaxed, low-key feeling as we travel. Our speed is usually a bit slower than those in automobiles...partially a fact of the size of our rig, and partially a fact of the comfort level of travel in Roadhouse!

Our 1st night out, as mentioned in the post below, was a total deluge. This pic out the windshield of Roadhouse gives the impression of just how intense the rain was.
This pic, while seeming a pic of rain falling and a flooded RV park road, is actually evidence of the "kneeling" awning we recently installed. When rain begins to fill the awning, it simply drops down at one end and dumps the water.

This was, by far, the most rain we have ever experienced in Roadhouse. All-in-all, it was still a good experience. The RV was sound and leak-free. We weathered the deluge with no problem....well, except for the clean up the next morning as I had to clean pine needles and leaves off the entire coach and our "SideRoad Suzie!"

Fun on the road.



Monday, July 20, 2009


Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain! - & So It IS!!!

South Savannah, GA - KOA

Left Tampa this morning loading our final items in light rain. Beautiful drive to Savannah, and now we sit here in a deluge! A HUGE deluge. I'll post a pic or two later. We managed a great dinner at Steamer's...seafood and wonderful appetizers. Then home just minutes before the rain began.

Now the campground is afloat. We actually enjoy the sound of rain on the coach roof. Peaceful and comfortable.

The rain came so hard a few moments ago that the place flooded. Across a row or two from our site a group of youthful tent campers (church?) were flooded out and had to load into their white vans and leave or at least go somewhere dry.

Water in our driving aisles is 4-6 inches....our new "kneeling" awning, installed in Madison, WI in late April, works fine. When it begins to collect a large amount of falling rain, one end is equipt with a hydraulic device and it slides down a few inches, effectively dumping the water from the awning.

The rain continues, and I'd guess the last 30 minutes has produced 2-3 inches already.

Glad we're inside, and dry.

Life on the road is great, and it is funny how one day out of Tampa our stress level is down...we're really happy on the road again.



Friday, July 17, 2009



It is TOO HOT in Tampa.....

We are off again in "Road House"......The Blue Ridge.

We depart July 20th and return end of July. Gotta find some cool air!

We love the Blue Ridge as followers know. This time near Boone to begin...then who knows where......Cool nights, a fire, and a nice swimmin hole are ideals.

COOL is 1st.



Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So, Where'd Ya Go?

Several friends have inquired about our actual 9,750 mile trip and where we went.

Let me list it in nice neat order.....if I can:

Terre Haute, IN (Friends)
Rockford, IL (Kids/Grands)
Madison, WI (New awning)
Albert Lea, MN (Great Elks Lodge)
Badlands of SD (Two great days)
Hill City, SD (Custer Park, Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Bear Country, Bumpin-Buffalo Bar)
Billings, MT
Spokane, WA (Great Elks Lodge!)
Grand Coulee Dam
Bremerton, WA (Stayed at Elks Lodge RV Park - Beautiful View!)
Sequim, WA (On Olympic Peninsula)
Hoquiam, WA (On Peninsula)
Portland, OR (With friends for 5 days)
Pocatello, ID (Stayed to avoid Memorial Day crush!)
Yellowstone (ALL we or anybody else ever imagined!)
Grand Tetons/Jackson, WY (Three magnificent days of sights, rafting, food, etc.)
Rocky Mt. Natl. Park ("Roadhouse" cleared 12,200 ft - with huge effort)
Las Vegas, NM (NOT Nevada)
Dickinson, TX (Kids/Grands for a week)
Jacksonville, FL (Son for two days)

April 20th til June 17th

Marvelous time.....wish we had taken 4-5 months.....we had plenty more to see/do!



Exam Done; Surgery Scheduled....Ready for Blue Ridge!

The "C" on my face even concerned the surgeon ( whom I trust implicitly) and is probably stage 2... that is Squamous cell....not simply Basel cell as are most of mine. The next level after Squamous is Melanoma......YOU (& I) Do NOT want to go there!

At any rate....I get another round of doc visits to say I am OK for the anesthesia....and then after our return from Blue Ridge, off to dreamland August 13th.

That should allow enough time for recovery before the Sept. 11th trip to Grand Cayman!

Love it!



Friday, July 03, 2009



Duchess and I are suffering from a similar malady......."Lack-a-Travel"....

The 10,000 mile trip has worn off.....Roadhouse is ready and so are we!

BUT there is "cancer-cutting" on my face, neck, etc. The cancers are not serious (one would hope), but need to be eliminated, and Duke has a system which flushes local anesthetic in 15-20 minutes....Thus I get to be off in dreamland while they excise the "C"....

Actually that is not all bad.....I go to sleep and wake up done. Exam this next week or two....then surgery in August. Recovery and off to Grand Cayman in September (Lord willing and the Hurricanes Stay AWAY!) Meanwhile, in the last part of July we'll be in the Blue Ridge! COOLER there than in Tampa.