Friday, July 03, 2009



Duchess and I are suffering from a similar malady......."Lack-a-Travel"....

The 10,000 mile trip has worn off.....Roadhouse is ready and so are we!

BUT there is "cancer-cutting" on my face, neck, etc. The cancers are not serious (one would hope), but need to be eliminated, and Duke has a system which flushes local anesthetic in 15-20 minutes....Thus I get to be off in dreamland while they excise the "C"....

Actually that is not all bad.....I go to sleep and wake up done. Exam this next week or two....then surgery in August. Recovery and off to Grand Cayman in September (Lord willing and the Hurricanes Stay AWAY!) Meanwhile, in the last part of July we'll be in the Blue Ridge! COOLER there than in Tampa.


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