Sunday, September 13, 2009


Grand Cayman

No pics yet kiddies.....

Morritt's has PCs of their own and you rent time in 30 minute blocks....$1.25 per (CI Money) US is about $.30 higher in cost.

Flight was marvelous with "anniversary" upgrade to Business Class. Rose and Shamua took darned good care of us....Treats, champagne, food...all on a 1 hour 40 minute flight. I have their pics for posting when we drive back to George Town and I get a wifi signal.

The horizon pool is great.....spent hours in pool and at in-pool tiki bar yesterday. I got burned in spite of blocker, hat, etc.

Met a NY (Rochester) couple, Mary Jane and Bud, and hit it off...spent day and evening together talking, drinking, eating, drinking, and drinking.

Today (Sun) the entire place shuts down. No groceries, shops, etc. Most restaurants are open.

We are all four headed to George Town tomorrow and off to see "Hell"....some other places, possibly sting ray city with some snorkeling.

Visiting middle of three pools today with bar and grill in the water.

Prices are what you'd expect.

Lovely time!


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