Monday, September 14, 2009


Grand Cayman - Online

Finally, online from Grand Cayman's Morritt's Grand Resort.....East End.

Lovely place......Above are Shamua & Rose, our Flight Attendants on Cayman Airlines. They, and the ticket manager heard me tell someone we were on our 15th anniversary trip and they advanced us to "Business Class"....big wide seats, only three of us in the class. They served us champagne, snacks, and even though they don't serve food, they shared their meal with us...Very nice people Cayman Airlines should be proud of!

Flight time was 1 hr 40 min....not bad.

View from our room....

And, looking around the edge of the balcony, you can see some of the Horizon Pool, complete with bar in the middle, and underwater, what comfort.

Now, if I had just avoided the a nice red back!


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