Monday, June 01, 2009


Upper Loop Part 3 - Animals, Animals

Marmot. Never knew they even existed in Yellowstone. This guy was watching folks at a picnic area.
Running across the road in front of us this coyote made it to the edge of the road and then began hunting in nearby brush.
On the road from West Yellowstone into the park there is a high nest by the side of the road. Mother Bald Eagle was busy feeding young when we were there.
We stopped to take a picture from above a water fall, and as we spoke with another picture-taker this mother mountain goat and her foal appeared below us.
The pair moved around us, then crossed the road, and next appeared above us on a rock-slide where they made their way to new grass.
The animals of Yellowstone are a delight. We enjoyed almost every sighting.


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