Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Rafting the Snake River!

Before anyone begins to think Duchess and i are finally round-the-bend....We went for a "Scenic" 13 mile rafting trip....opting out of the whitewater trips also available.
Our guide was his early 20s as are most of the guides here. He was relaxed, funny, and an intelligent young man.
The trip was not without some concerns as we were at the peak of the Spring runoff, and the water....flowing at 4-5 million gallons a minute in August, was now clicking along at 18.5 million gallons per minute and a speed of 7-8 knots. We launched and passed under a bridge within seconds.
Downstream we saw many fine homes, some animals we did not expect in the mountains of Wyoming....pelicans! Thinking of them as Florida birds we were surprised to know they live year round along the Snake River.
One of our guides snapped this shot of Duke and Duchess in their required gear. (OK...I was in a nautical mood and added the U.S. Coast Guard cap as a final touch! & YES, the bottle has WATER in it...nothing else.)It was a fun trip, although we'd have been much more happy if we'd seen more animals.


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