Monday, June 29, 2009


R & R.....

That can mean lots of things.

Here it does.....We are recovering from the many, many miles and "Roadhouse" has been in the "RV Hospital"....our fave mechanical team here in Tampa....a small garage owned and operated by a fine couple who, along with their fantastic mechanic, have helped us with vehicle repairs, maintenance, etc for 20 years.

If you are ever in Tampa and need some work....See "Butch's" on W. Hillsborough. They are fantastic.

"Roadhouse" now sports a repaired grill, new front brakes (The Rockies took their toll) and new oil and some smaller jobs.

Ready to go again? YOU BET!

In fact the last half of July seems good. Last Doc appointment is July 14th for both of us. Then we will be off on our next adventure.....finding COOL!

This, for a short trip, means Blue Ridge time. Probably Fancy Gap (at the NC/Virginia state line, and alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway). Cool nights, several good restaurants nearby, and a cool pool. Nights here in July still mean a fire alongside "Roadhouse".....In fact last Summer in July I remember well Duchess in sweat jacket, and blanket beside the fire....& Mornings bring the chance for deer in the woods adjacent.

Tampa heat is de-press-ing in the Summer. Speaking of which I need to arise early tomorrow and mow before the yard reverts to a complete jungle.


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