Thursday, June 04, 2009


OOPS! - That Dxxx Bird!

Roadhouse took a hit today as we entered Texas, and motored to Junction, TX for the night.

I was on Rt. 285 & saw two large black birds (crow/whatever) devouring roadkill out in front of me. i let off the gas, and hit the horn.....They flew to my left, and as I slid by one darted back to the right dead in front of me.....and i mean dead.

Roadhouse does not have her nice smile currently!

The aluminum grill behind the front bumper/radiator protector is bent badly and sagging.

I'm going to have some work to do at home to restore her good looks! Pics to follow, and the intervening days as well in Vernal; Rocky Mt. Park; and Carlsbad, NM.


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